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Private Consult and Probbo Doggo Consults

Private Consults​

If your dog is exhibiting undesirable behaviours such as, jumping, biting/nipping, lack of impulse control, lead reactivity, over arousal, barking, lunging, fearfulness or you’re just after some basic manners training for your dog, we can conduct an in home behaviour consultation to help you. Conducting these sessions in the home, minimises the stress for you and your dog and enables us to make an appropriate assessment and diagnosis of the issues.

Separation Anxiety

Anxiety related distress in dogs is more common than we know. Many dog owners find they’re unable to leave their dogs alone without coming home to signs of destruction, toileting in the home or notes from concerned neighbours about dogs barking.

We’ll help relieve some of the worry and stress for you, we’ll give you peace of mind, free from any guilt you might be feeling about your dogs behaviour.

Separation Anxiety and Alone Time Training
Puppy Training and New Puppy Program

New Puppy Program

To help get your puppy off on the right paw, Manners For Paws Dog Training offer a one Ion one puppy training service to help you with all you need to know about raising a socialised, confident and happy puppy.

This program is designed for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age. Aside from covering the basics of training as listed above, we’ll also cover appropriate socialisation for your puppy and help them learn to be wonderful members of society so you can take your pup anywhere with you.

Zoom Consults

Are you experiencing behaviour concerns with your current or new rescue dog? Would you just like your dog to offer better manners? We are now scheduling Zoom online consults designed to help you with your dogs behaviour and manners training.

These sessions can really help with most behaviours your dog is exhibiting and provides a safe opportunity to learn how to train your dog and obtain valuable advice.

Zoom Consults, Separation Anxiety in dogs and Zoom Puppy Information Sessions

Puppy School & Tweens

Puppy School

Classes are designed to cater for puppies from 8-12 weeks. In these classes you will learn what socialisation actually means and how you can help your pup grow into a happy and confident dog.

Puppy Tweens

Classes are designed to cater for puppies from 13-15 weeks, our pre-teens. In these classes we’ll help you with any residual puppy issues around biting, toilet training, independence training, jumping, socialisation and health and exercise.

Group Dog Training

These classes will either see you continue on your training journey (if you’re a Puppy School Graduate) or commence your basic training journey with us. You and your dog will be challenged with basic level behaviours with distractions such as sit, drop, stand, focus, stay, recalls (come when called), leave and walking nicely on lead.
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