Separation Anxiety

We are here to Help!

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, our four week systematic desensitisation program will help you and your dog!

  • Are you coming home to signs of destruction in your home?
  • Have the neighbours left a note about your dog barking when you’re not home?
  • Are you feel guilting or stressed about your dogs behaviour?

Anxiety related distress in dogs is more common than we know. Many dog owners find they’re unable to leave their dogs alone without coming home to signs of destruction, toileting in the home or notes from concerned neighbours about dogs barking.

You’ve come to the right place!

We believe the only way to treat Separation Anxiety is through individualised desensitisation protocols that build confidence and will have your dog feeling more comfortable about being left alone. We’ll help relieve some of the worry and stress for you, we’ll give you peace of mind, free from any guilt you might be feeling about your dogs behaviour.

How does the process work?

You’ll sign a contract with your dog, to never leave them alone for longer than they can handle. Once you’ve achieved this, we’ll help you through individualised tailored protocols we call Missions (5 days per week). These Missions are daily exercises you’ll conduct with your dog and are created the day before each Mission day.

Our work together is all completed remotely with the use of technology (via Zoom) as we believe this is the best approach to helping your dog.

How do the Training Programs work?

Our Training Program requires a 4 week commitment from you because we believe this is the least amount of time required to help your dog and teach you how the protocols work and what can be achieved.

You’ll conduct Missions daily with a live reassessment at the end of every week. We’ll be on hand daily (5 days per week) to review any sticking points you might be having and we have the flexibility to move Mission days around should something last minute crop up.

What does the complete program include?

Daily Missions created for you (5 times per week), you won’t have to think of a thing!

A live online re-assessment at the end of each week. This is where we meet online together each week and assess your dog, answer any questions you might have, celebrate the wins together!

Data tracking so we can establish any patterns that might be forming and adjust our Mission steps accordingly.

Full support and cheerleading (5 days per week) – you are not alone on this journey!

  • Cost

    $895 for our complete program. To book a complimentary 20 minute chat, select the Book Now button below.

Kind words from some of our lovely clients!

“We are truly grateful for all the guidance and encouragement Sharon provided us throughout Moshi’s separation anxiety (SA) training journey and highly recommend her services for any guardian whose dogs suffer from SA.

Moshi’s SA training was never daunting as Sharon was very supportive throughout. She was always accessible, responsive and patient with any training or behavioural questions we had.

Sharon taught us how to better read Moshi’s body language for signs of both calm and stress during periods of our absence. We also learnt how to challenge her limits whilst ensuring she remained below her anxiety threshold.

It was a fun and valuable training for humans as much as it was for doggo. And we couldn’t have asked for a better and kinder teacher. Thanks Sharon!” ….. Geraldine, Emily and Moshi

“A dog with separation anxiety takes a toll on the entire family and makes simple activities, like going to the shops, a challenge. Sharon worked with our family, without judgement, in getting our Steve to be comfortable alone for short periods of time. Our training continues with positive outcomes. She ensured we set realistic goals along the way, that were unique to Steve and our family. It has been a positive experience working with Sharon and she will be our first point of call, if/when required.” ….. Cindy and Steve