Rewarding Calm Behaviours! We don’t need a lengthy blog for this!

dog obedience taining altona

“My puppy is calm, what should I do?”. This is a question we never hear and the answer is quite simple. We spend some much time trying to resolve behaviours in our dogs that we don’t like, we forget to reward the behaviours we do like.

What if, for just a second, when our dog sat nice and calmly, we decided to mark the behaviour and reward our dog with a treat, do you think they’d offer that behaviour to us again? I think they would!

So next time you’re out and about, if your dog offers a calm behaviour like sitting, mark it with a ‘yes’ then reward with a treat immediately. If you don’t have treats with you, simply say ‘good boy/girl’ and give them an affectionate pat. While treats will help to speed up the learning process, verbal praise is still a great way to reward your dog.

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