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Manners for Paws is dedicated, professional, passionate about dogs and can provide comprehensive puppy and dog training classes for you in your own Melbourne home.

Behaviours developed by puppies in their first 4 months stay with them as they mature into adult dogs. Puppy training classes by our qualified trainer teach the correct behaviours to your newest family addition so they carry good behaviour into adolescence and through to adulthood.

Manners for Paws will travel to your residence and work with your puppy in its home surroundings. The trainer will observe and discuss with you how your new puppy is interacting with the family and any behaviours that give you concern, all while observing how your puppy interacts with its environment.

Common behaviours frequently exhibited during puppy classes that may seem playful at the early puppy stage can become major issues as the dog matures are:

• Nipping or biting
• Barking
• Jumping
• Digging

Manners for Paws is more than just a puppy obedience class; it is a way to forge strong bonds with your newest four-legged family member. Our professional trainer can explain to you and your family:

• Your puppy’s body language and what it is telling you
• How to correctly socialise your new puppy
• How to use the lead properly
• How to correct unwanted behaviour
• Children and puppy interaction
• Correct feeding and sleeping

We also conduct classes on training adolescent dogs and training adult dogs.

Yes, dogs also go through the teenage phase where impulse control and manners can slip, but our obedience classes can curb these or other bad behaviours from developing.

You might have an older dog, who through lack of dog training, has formed bad habits. Older dogs sometimes show aggression through fear or bark continuously as an attention trigger. Our dog training professionals will work to determine why your dog is exhibiting this behaviour, and then using behaviour modification techniques will work to correct it.

Manners for Paws trainers are qualified, reliable, and punctual, and most importantly, will always treat your dog with respect and kindness. We understand that your dog is not just a pet; it is an addition to your family.

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