Kind Words

Some of the kind words received from lovely people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, thank you!

Caroline and I were very thankful and grateful to have put our dog Keli through the hairy hounds puppy school program. Obviously our lessons were done through zoom but even with that we believe we definitely got our money’s worth with Keli’s training. She’s a very well behaved dog (most of the time) and the lessons and advice we learned through your classes have helped with that immensely. We feel the structure was perfect for us and can’t really think of anything that we would change besides obviously preferring to train in person.

On a personal level, you were really fun to train with and we have the utmost respect for your training style. You were always lovely with us in our class and was always there to answer any questions we had. We have highly recommended you to friends and family who have gotten or are getting dogs and will be looking to bring Keli back for super dog lessons…..Jordan and Caroline


Sharon has been an excellent teacher for us as first time puppy parents. She is always so knowledgeable, friendly and patient. All of her experience and passion shines through when teaching and talking through any issues we came across. We have attended both in-person and online puppy classes, as well as one-on-one consult, which have been invaluable for us and our little pooch. Thank you so much!…..Michael


We recently completed puppy pre-school online and found it to be excellent! The quality of the online course was great. Sharon was a patient and knowledgable teacher who gave plenty of attention to all the dogs in the class. Highly recommend!…..Ethan


Sharon and the Manners for Paws team are fantastic and I cannot recommend them high enough. Sharon’s puppy school provided us with so much expertise and valuable insights that went beyond what we expected. Alongside teaching us how to train our pup to nail the basics, Sharon taught us how to read the signs and behaviours of our pups to understand how they are feeling/what they might need. Sharon goes out of her way to support through the experience, outside of the scheduled classes too – if we hadn’t moved out to the East we would absolutely be taking part in the next level of classes from Manners for Paws…..Sasha


Sharon was extremely helpful, professional and provided some excellent information and advice. The time she spent with us and our little furry baby was most useful.. Would definitely recommend…..Melbourne Hatter


Sharon has been an incredible help to us in further understanding and better managing our Pointer, Duke, with his anxiety and barking habits. I’m so glad to know I have Sharon to turn to if I need to ask a question or we have a behaviour we are trying to improve. Highly, highly valuable service for a better life with your best mate….Jessica


Sharon has been an invaluable guide for our family — first with our dog-aggressive, resource guarding senior staffy, and later with a highly-energetic and razzy kelpiex puppy. In both cases, Sharon really took the time to understand our dogs, and provided practical tips and patient advice on how to work with them to improve their behaviour (and ours) so they can live happier, safer, more social lives. Sharon’s passion for dogs and dog training is so clear, and I would recommend her services to anyone….Lisa


Sharon help us with our new puppy Buddy working with my Son and I over Zoom. The session went great and Sharon was fantastic at communicating her instructions. Highly recommend and lots of other useful tips and tricks….Jamie


Wow what can I say!-Sharon has been an invaluable part of Billie’s upbringing and training. She gave us a great start with puppy training sessions our home and then twice weekly training walks have worked wonderfully as ongoing consolidation. Sharon also provided holiday care while we were away recently- the best solution possible – she came home healthy and happy and behaving beautifully. Billie absolutely adores her! Thanks Sharon!!….Lisa


I have only good things to say about Sharon and her team. They are reliable, professional and have been great in walking, & helping me train, my rather dysfunctional dog. Highly recommended……Ingrid


Sharon is fantastic. Very professional and genuinely cares about her clients and their dogs. She provided a lot of helpful advice on how to calm down my dog who gets a anxious during walks….Jona


I can’t recommend Sharon highly enough – she really saved me from a situation that was quickly becoming overwhelming. I rescued Dara, a large pointer cross staffie, in June 2017 and soon realised she was an anxious little bundle of nerves. My previous rescue dogs had issues but none of them with anxiety and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Being aware how little habits you don’t think matter much can over time mushroom to cause deep seated behavioural problems, I wanted to get on the front foot immediately and not make any mistakes. She was already 6 years old and so her anxiety was probably a long-term issue.

The symptoms were: We couldn’t be across the road (normal two-way width) from other dogs, or even within sight of them, without her doing a repeated high-pitched whine/howl/bark, totally losing the plot and sometimes spinning too. Very hard to control and she actually pulled my shoulder out the first week. She also couldn’t be left alone without howling and crying within just 2-3 minutes. This would continue non-stop and actually escalate over time (I filmed her). She never settled.

I had my first one-on-one session with Sharon and she immediately laid some ground rules. I had to be consistent, and within two weeks Dara was walking to heel on a hands-free leash and learning to be more confident and independent at home. We had another session where Sharon managed Dara meeting other dogs, and she taught me how to continue managing and modifying her behaviour in this regard. After another 3-4 weeks, we were passing dogs side by side with no antics. With Sharon’s tips, the separation anxiety and howling when left alone was also diminishing too.

After just over 3 months, we entered our first dog park and Dara now hangs out happily with other dogs, even ignores them, and no howling at all when left. She’s completely turned around and I’m really amazed at the amount of anxiety she’s let go of in such a short time. It’s all down to Sharon’s insights and advice – I followed it diligently and it paid off hugely. I now have a wonderful companion and Dara has a happier, calmer life free of that horrible stress. Sharon has years of experience to draw from. I felt there wasn’t an issue she hadn’t encountered and she shares lots of great insights to help you confidently address your dog’s whole approach to life, and not just your specific issues….Paula


Recently consulted with Sharon about behaviour problems with our high energy 15 month old Staffy. Sharon was amazing and taught us some fantastic training techniques to build her focus and calm her ‘enthusiasm for life’!!  Sharon is a brilliant trainer who is passionate about what she does – I highly recommended her to anyone wanting quick results through rewards based training methods…..Krissie


I need to stop recommending Sharon to our friends because soon enough she wont have time for us but its so hard to stop raving about how much she has helped us and how valuable her services are!  We first met Sharon when she came for a home visit, it was love at first sight, as everything she pointed out and trained us in were simply and without judgement. There was also no push for more session and if anything she is more then happy to answer your call or email when you have a question.  Since our first meeting, we have been lucky enough to have Sharon assist us with further one on one sessions, solo walks with Dennis which is more then just a stroll, this is walking & training with updates and handy tips that we too include in our walks to enforce training. Sharon is also always on hand when we have last minute work trips and she pops over for some loving hugs, walk & feed (holiday pet care).  We really could not recommend Sharon anymore and look forward to the growth & future with her :)…..Josephine


We have used Manners for Paws for lots of help with our 2 dogs. We have had in home behaviour consults, which are always at a time that works for us. We have tackled barking at the front door, pulling on lead and food agression just to name a few. 1 of our dogs has weekly walks and Manners for Paws always look after them if we go away. This gives our dogs confidence as Sharon is like another member of the family who provides consistency in their lives. They feel safe having her come in when we aren’t at home. Dog behaviour is complex and even if you love your dog there a times you need help understanding what they need. Manners for Paws are there to help as much as you request, no pushy sales tactic or lifetime sign ups. I would highly recommend using Manners For Paws for anything you need in relation to you and your dog living a happy life together…..Sunday


Sharon from Manners For Paws came into our lives a year ago after we took on our first rescue dog. He was already 3 and definitely needed manners! With Sharon’s help he has become a gentleman and valued member of our family. He looks forward to training and enjoys it immensely. We recently introduced a new puppy, Sharon has helped us every step of the way acclimatising the pups to each other and our new addition is already on her way to becoming a star with Sharon’s help! We love the classes as well as our home consultations, in the early days with our first rescue it was the only way we could co-exist with Sharon’s home consultation tips. Sharon showed us how to get him to stop pulling and walk on a loose lead -changed our daily lives! We completed super puppy classes, both levels, with our first rescue and now completing the puppy class with our new addition. She will complete all levels of super puppy once she completes her puppy class because they love it so much and they thrive under Sharon’s guidance. Couldn’t recommend Manners For Paws more highly for all your training and behaviour needs. Five stars!…..Jodie


We recently met Sharon from Manners For Paws seeking help with our new Labrador puppy who was taking over our house. We learned so much from Sharon during our puppy consult, things we hadn’t even considered that will help us down the track with training. Sharon was a wealth of knowledge and she shared her advice in a friendly and professional manner. Watching her work with our puppy, showing us various techniques, really helped us see what our new puppy was capable of, more than just digging up our garden 🙂 We loved Sharon’s holistic approach to puppy raising, not just about socialisation and obedience but also feeding, exercise, mental stimulation and setting our puppy up for real life experiences like walking to collect our children from school. We are thrilled with the results so far, we are seeing a calmer puppy already who is learning to wait patiently for things and thanks to her advice, he is tuckered out after his walks and Kong toys. Would highly recommend Sharon for any training needs you may have, she’s fabulous!…..Annabelle


We had our first session 2 days ago with Sharon for our Rescue dog who has a few issues with fear and reactivity. Sharon was great! She shared her amazing knowledge with us and related things in a manner that were simple for us to understand. Sharon has made us feel empowered about helping our beloved dog work through these challenges…..Rebecca and Larry


Sharon has been an amazing help to me and my two rescue labs. Both of them have similar (but different) anxiety issues that results in being very reactive around other dogs. Sharon has given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to manage these situations better and help the girls feel more confident, calm and comfortable. Both the one-on-one sessions and intensive group training has been invaluable and we’ve learnt so much. Thanks so much Sharon…..Melinda


Sharon has been training with Hairy Hounds Playground as our Senior Instructor for 4 years and has brought her own flare to our dog training programs whilst continuing to maintain and strengthen HHPG philosophies. She is a valued member of our team, takes a great deal of pride in her work, ensuring that training is fun and professional for clients and their fur-kids. Sharon instructs puppy school courses, dog training courses (including inhome and behavioural consultations) for HHPG and also supervises the training of Hairy Hounds Playground staff members during our day care training sessions. We confidently send all dog training, dog walking and holiday care jobs to Manners For Paws where we are unable to assist….Christie


Sharon did such a fantastic job doing training walks with Milly while I recovered from surgery. Amazing lady…..Sue


Sharon has been walking Alfie twice a week for the past year since we moved into the city. Alfie loves his walks with Sharon and the combination of socialisation and training is exactly what we wanted for him. Sharon takes away any stress you might feel about having someone else walk your dog. Alfie tells me he is also very appreciative of the odd sneaky treat!…..Stuart


Sharon takes our two dogs, Badger (a chocolate labrador) and Pepper (a Shih Tzu Maltese) for an off lead walk, twice a week while we are at work.  We  know our dogs love Sharon and have a great time on their walks.  Equally important to us is that Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about dogs to her interactions with our girls.  We know they are looked after, have her individual attention, have a positive socialisation experience when with her and learn good manners.  It’s such a relief and pleasure to know they are getting some quality attention when we are way from home for an extended time.   We have also found Sharon to be organised and 100% reliable and trustworthy.  We have no hesitation in highly recommending Sharon…..Sue and Kym


So lovely to meet you today. Thank you for your wonderful advice. I learnt so much in the session, have lots to work with…..Bindi


Sharon helped us with our super smart but super ‘bratty’ adolescent! With some consistency & a few new tricks up our sleeves we can see a difference already…..Ange


My little fur baby was escaping out the front door, Sharon did a wonderful job teaching us new techniques and had no problems since. Sharon was great with Lexie, would highly recommend her…..Leanne


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sharon from Manners For Paws.  Sharon came on board after our last behaviourist Lee said goodbye and boy did she have some BIG shoes to fill.  We are pleased to have such a wonderful person on board to help with our dogs. Sharon has been helping out with our Kelpie x staffy pups fostering all 3 while they were still underage. Once they were old enough to go into separate foster homes Sharon stayed fostering one of our boys.  She has also done some amazing work with a support program for our puppy farm dogs as well and we have seen a vast improvement in them since having the program.  So please help me to say thank you to Sharon and go and like her page.  She’s a wonderful trainer and behaviourist who is doing amazing things for PTR.  Thanks Sharon…..Kerrie and Kayla


When my new dog began to become a little snappy with my child, I was referred to Sharon, who instantly contacted me with advice, in the meantime, whilst we arranged a visit for her. Sharon was prompt, professional and practical with logical training options to try, which has worked. Always available for advice, with a genuine interest in helping you solve issues. No hesitation to recommend a more lovely and compassionate behaviouralist for your dog!…..Andrea


Just wanted to express my appreciation to Sharon today for coming to help us with a territorial barking issue. Very professional and supportive with lots of practical strategies. Thank you!…..Maxine


We have foster to adopt pug x shizhu dogs both 7 years old. They have had marking issues and anxiety issues. Sharon came to our house and spent an hour with us. Watching the dogs and talking with me about strategies to implement to help them with their issues. We did all that was suggested and the dogs have responded with an 90% success rate in the first week. We have only started 2 weeks ago. Last week we didn’t have a mark in the house at all! Sharon was practical, patient and easy to follow. We are now adopting…..Andrea