Dog Separation Anxiety Trainer

If your dog has anxiety, Sharon Nelson specialises in Separation Anxiety in dogs as a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. We work with owners and their dogs with alone time training, reducing anxiety behaviours like excessive barking or destruction when left alone.

Every dog is different and every threshold looks different and as a result, you’ll receive tailored training plans.

Don’t wait any longer hoping your dog will feel better over time, we can help with alone time training now.

Manners For Paws’ 4-week Training Program focuses on a systematic desensitisation approach. This program is designed to keep your dog under their panic threshold.

The program includes daily training sessions created for you, with unlimited email support throughout the program.

To book a complimentary 20 minutes call to find out how Sharon can help you, follow this link for more details: Separation Anxiety.

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Dog Separation Anxiety Trainer

When it comes to training your dog to live in harmony with you, Sharon Nelson is the best person for the job in Dog Trainer Altona. We strive to get the best out of your dog and strengthen your relationship.

If you have a new puppy and would like to book into one of our Puppy School classes – Puppy Club is our 5 week course (run all year) or our Puppy Intensive single classes (run in December and January each year, may extend to monthly). We also offer private puppy sessions, please visit our New Puppy Program to book our 3 session program.

Do you have a social dog that could benefit from some manners and impulse control training? Join one of our obedience and manners classes via our Group Dog Training Classes page. We have some great options just waiting for you to join.

If you’d prefer some one on one help, to book a Private Consult or find out the best option for you, please visit our Private Consults page where we have a range of private training solutions.

All sessions are targeted to help with your individual training needs because every dog and human relationship is different.  Each session is filled with fun and rewarding exercises, designed to improve your dogs behaviour.

If you’re isolating or would prefer online sessions, we can also help with training and behaviour issues via Zoom. If you’d like to book a Zoom session with us, please visit our Zoom Consults page.

Take the stress out of training and let Sharon help you as the expert as Dog Separation Anxiety Trainer.