Private Consults

Our Private Consult services offer the opportunity to assist you and your dog with anything from manners type training, recalls and lead walking, reactivity for our people and dog sensitive dogs whether they occur inside or outside the home.

We offer single consults and multi packs, which provide support and consistency in your training.

Dog Behaviour Consultations, Dog training

Private Consults

These single sessions can help with general manners and obedience training, perfecting any previous training you’ve had to get that reliable stay, mat/bed training, lead walking, recalls and jumping/impulse control issues.

We’ve found clients who purchase our 3 or 6 pack, see the best results as training remains consistent and accountable with homework assigned after each session.

Booking Details

  • Cost

    $235 (single session)

  • Location

    This service is offered near your home in the Western Suburbs and Inner North of Melbourne. A travel fee may apply for some suburbs.

  • 3 Pack

    $495 (3 x 45 minute sessions) - the first two sessions must be booked no more than one week apart, the last session can be booked two weeks from the second session.

  • 6 Pack

    $895 (up to 45 minutes each) - the first three sessions must be booked no more than one week apart, the remaining three sessions no more than two weeks apart.

Probbo Doggo Package

Whether your dog is exhibiting undesirable behaviours such as lack of impulse control, lead reactivity, over arousal in the home, barking at visitors, lunging on walks, fearfulness, overexcitement or frustration when on lead, our Probbo Doggo Package is the one for you.

We’ll help you understand why your dog is exhibiting these behaviours so you can start to help them feel more comfortable at home and when out and about.

This four session package comprises of an initial foundation session where we provide exercises for you and your dog to practice in preparation for the remaining three sessions, conducted at your home or at a local park (depending on the type of behaviour we’re working on).

In these sessions we’ll cover learning theory, behaviour modification techniques, communication and dog body language, diet, exercise, enrichment, lifestyle and socialisation, as we take a holistic approach to behaviour and training.

Booking Details

  • Cost

    $695 (4 x 45 minute sessions)

  • Location

    This service is offered near your home in the Western Suburbs and Inner North of Melbourne. A travel fee may apply for some suburbs. You may be required to travel to Point Cook, Altona and/or Williamstown.

 Kind words from some of our lovely clients!

“Where do I begin… Sharon has changed our lives, she has empowered us to know how to understand our pups needs, and create structure that has transformed them both to even happier and healthier pups.
With our first dog we thought just puppy training at pet store was all we needed to do, nope!
massive contrast to foundation training from a qualified dog trainer like Sharon which we did when we got our second pup. which we had met you earlier Sharon!

After a 6 pack of 1:1 trainings we feel so much happier that we know the fundamentals to continue to reinforce behaviours for the happiest pups ever!

Will definitely be signing up for Advanced course for both pups when next round comes!

Thank you Sharon, our puppy whisperer (and human whisperer too – we learnt so much).” ….. Skye, Helen, Pearl & Shadow

“Sharon is lovely and extremely helpful for me and my little over excited poodle cross! She can identify what he and I need in a heartbeat and has knowledge of so many behaviour types that I feel comfortable with her suggestions. Ollie and I will continue to see her to get us on track :)” ….. Taylah and Ollie

“We adopted our Meeka from the Lost Dogs Home at the age of 1 year. We have no idea what that first year was like and do know that it didn’t include training. We completed the Probbo Doggo program with Sharon and it was excellent. This is a 1 on 1 program and Sharon was generous with her time and knowledge. Sharon is very approachable and responded to all our questions (there were quite a few!) with practical advice and assistance. We’ve walked away with many new tools in our toolkit. Although there was some improvement, we still have a way to go with Meeka’s manners and are confident with practice we will get there. It’s also comforting to know we can contact Sharon for further assistance. Definitely recommend Sharon and the program to anyone with furbabies.” ….. Louise and Meeka

 Training Treats

We use and recommend Prime 100 and Ziwi Peak for all your training needs. Reach out for some sample bags when we see you next – we promise your dogs will love it!