Meet Sharon!

Passion, Compassion and Integrity – Because life is too short to do something you’re not passionate about!

Manners for Paws Dog TrainingAccredited Behaviour Consultant and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Sharon completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with National Dog Trainers Federation and obtained Certification as a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer through Malena DeMartini’s Separation Anxiety Certification Program. Sharon is also a Family Paws Parent Education Educator, delivering the Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers programs.

With most of her career in Stage and Project Management, Sharon has been able to realise her passion helping clients and their pets live in harmony together. With a desire to help dogs more holistically, Sharon is dedicated to further education by regularly attending workshops and seminars in dog training and behaviour, with Australian and International presenters, experts in their field.

The biggest gift we can give our dogs is to learn to communicate with them effectively and help them learn to provide us with behaviours we want. We do this by creating a solid bond and relationship with our dogs resulting with more engagement from our dogs.

Aside from offering private home training services, Sharon also delivers dog and puppy training classes at Hairy Hounds Playground.

Sharon also supports dog rescue, not-for-profit organisations, including the Puppy Tales Rescue family, where she assists with training and behaviour advice as needed, for dogs and puppies that come into their care.  Sharon has a soft spot for rescue dogs, helping them transition into their forever homes and watching their bond grow with their new family is so rewarding.

Meet Rodney!

Sharon is supported by her rescue boy Rodney, who’s a Staffy x Cattle Dog (with that Staffy gusto and Cattle Dog energy) who amazes every day, even at the ripe age of nearly 12 years old. We’ve completed Advanced level training with Rodney, Agility and Scent work, he’s so motivated to learn and always, always brings motivation and attitude to training.

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Meet Chloe!

The little lady of the family is rescue girl Chloe, who’s a Boxer x Staffy (with a lot of boxer bouncing energy) who has shown just how divine she can be. We’ve completed Intermediate level training with Chloe, Scent work, Advanced Tricks and we’re members of our local GRC club. You’ll also see Chloe assisting with all the group classes we run, as our demo doggo extraordinaire.











Sometimes we don’t give our dogs enough credit to make the right choices in life and these two have taught me so much.  You’ll see updates about Rodney and Chloe on my Facebook and Instagram pages as they keep me on my toes…..I am truly the lucky one to have found these two!

Qualifications and Seminars

  • Malena DeMartini (2021) – Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer
  • Family Paws Parent Education (2020) – Educator
  • Seminar Presenter (Dog Lovers Show 2016) – How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called – Chews Australia
  • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training – National Dog Trainers Federation

Attended Workshops, Seminars and Events

  • Behaviour Assessments to Determine Adoption Suitability with Kate Monument – Chews Austalia
  • Introduction to Odour – K9 Nose Fun
  • Foster Carers Workshop with Trish Harris – Chews Australia
  • Motivating Miracles with Steve Austin – Chews Australia
  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work – K9 Nose Fun
  • Masterchops – Augustine Approved
  • Canine Fitness and Conditioning with Dr Jaime Jackson – Chews Australia
  • Managing the Multi Dog Household with Amanda Murcutt – Chews Australia
  • Tellington TTouch for Rescues with Tim Munro – Chews Australia
  • Aggression in Dogs with Trish Harris – Chews Australia
  • Training your Deaf Dog with Ness Lenarcic – Chews Australia
  • Puppy Instructors Course with Trish Harris – Four Paws K9 Training
  • Dangerous Dog Handling and Assessing with Steve Austin – Chews Australia
  • Boredom or Anxiety with Tamara Forth – Chews Australia
  • Nicole Wilde in Brisbane – Urban Dog Training
  • Tellington TTouch with Robyn Hood – Naturally Wild
  • Canine Nutrition with Kerri Bradley – Chews Australia
  • BAT v2.0 with Grisha Stewart – Four Paws K9 Training
  • Ian Dunbar’s K9 Games with Ian Dunbar – Manners n More Dog Training

Volunteer and Fundraising

  • Puppy Tales Rescue and Rehoming – ongoing volunteer work assisting foster carers and newly adopted dog owners with training and behaviour issues.

dog obedience taining altona