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What do we offer?

Our private consulting business specialises in Private Consultations to address problem behaviours, from unruly adolescence to dog/people reactive dogs. We also offer Tricks training consults and Semi privates for you and a friend to train together.

We also specialise in Separation Anxiety in dogs and can help you, help your dog with alone time training through our systematic desensitisation program.

We’re also experts in Puppy training, through our New Puppy Program, helping to create confident and well adjusted puppies, ready to take on the world.

Private Consults

Our Private Consultations range from single manners training sessions, preparing you and your dog for your new baby arrival and help with dog to dog/people reactive dogs, that struggle when walking on lead. We can tailor packages to suit your needs.

Zoom Consults

We are now scheduling Zoom online consults designed to help you with your dogs behaviour, manners training and typical puppy behaviours. These sessions can really help with most behaviours and provides a safe opportunity to learn how to train your dog and obtain valuable advice.

Separation Anxiety

Anxiety related distress in dogs is more common than we know. We’ll help relieve some of the worry and stress for you, we’ll give you peace of mind, free from any guilt you might be feeling about your dogs behaviour through our four week program.

Puppy School & Tweens

Our Puppy School and Tweens classes will provide you with all things puppy, from proper socialisation tips, advice on biting, toilet training, safe exposure and enrichment options to keep your new puppy mentally stimulated.

New Puppy Program

Our New Puppy Program provides one on one support, to help get your puppy off on the right paw, we offer a one-on-one puppy training service to help you with all you need to know about raising a socialised, confident, and happy puppy.

Group Classes

Depending on the course you've enrolled in, our Super Puppy and Manners For Life courses will challenge you and your dog with basic level exercises from lead walking, recalls (come when called), sit, drop, leave and impulse control exercises. All designed to strengthen your bond and promote a calmer dog.

"Thank you so much!"
"Sharon has been an excellent teacher for us as first time puppy parents. She is always so knowledgeable, friendly and patient. All of her experience and passion shines through when teaching and talking through any issues we came across. We have attended both in-person and online puppy classes, as well as one-on-one consult, which have been invaluable for us and our little pooch."
Michael and Spencer
“Highly recommended!”
“We recently completed puppy pre-school online and found it to be excellent! The quality of the online course was great. Sharon was a patient and knowledgable teacher who gave plenty of attention to all the dogs in the class. ”
Ethan and Max
Billie absolutely adores her!
"Wow what can I say!-Sharon has been an invaluable part of Billie’s upbringing and training. She gave us a great start with puppy training sessions our home and then twice weekly training walks have worked wonderfully as ongoing consolidation. Sharon also provided holiday care while we were away recently- the best solution possible – she came home healthy and happy and behaving beautifully. Billie absolutely adores her! Thanks Sharon!!"
Lisa and Billie

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Manners for Paws is dedicated, professional, passionate about dogs and can provide comprehensive puppy and dog training classes for you in your own Melbourne home.

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